Adam is sixyears old and has a brittle bone condition. The scientific name for this condition is Osteogenesis imperfecta, or OI for short. This is a rare and lifelong genetic condition characterized by a shortened stature and brittle bones which fracture easily. 

Adam has a happy family consisting of his amazing Mum Fiona, his Dad David, his brothers Danny and Robert and his sisters Katie and Sarah.

Adam has a wonderful network of friends in his Community and beyond -even a few famous ones! He loves to play wheelchair soccer with his club , Youghal Utd and                                                      GAA for all with Youghal and                                                        Killeagh GAA. 

From the day he arrived into the world Adam was born for adventure. He has led the most amazing life for the last six years.

"When I'm out in my wheelchair excitement abounds, I whizz through the streets as I'm rolling around. I can play with my friends cos although I'm quiet small, being up in my chair makes me feel ten feet tall !!!"

  Say hi to Adam! 

My Son Adam is the inspiration for my first Children's Picture Book
"But Really... Adventures With a Difference"

Adam's adventures are made possible thanks to the help he has got from some of the most amazing medical experts in the world.

He has had access to various treatments and equipment which have  helped to strengthen his muscles and bones, allowing him to stand up and even walk about for a bit!

"When I go to the hospital, bed at the ready, I get paid a visit by my friend Freddy Teddy. He greets with a pinch and then with a smile, when the nurses give him a drink for a while. His drink is so good, he loves every sup! And when Fred gets his drink it helps me cheer up"

Many children live with acute and chronic conditions and require similar supports to Adam. It is our hope that this book will help to inspire and empower children, families and friends living with additional needs and help them appreciate the wonderful adventure their lives can be. 

 Adams Support teams and charities

Adam has received so much support from various expert centres over the years. To find out more about the wonderful work they do for children all over Ireland, click on their logo below to visit their websites.



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